Thursday, 25 August 2016

Decorate in Warm Colors

The warm colours give this same, warmth, creating a cozy but at the same time active space. They are useful for all kinds of environments depending on the intensity of the colors used and the combination with neutral tones.

Decorate in warm colors 1

Between them colors warm find to them shades that van from the Green beige to the purple in the circle chromatic, highlighting is them orange, yellow and red with their different variations. Usual hues more intense are left for fabrics and accessories if you want to make a space more calmed.

Decorate in warm colors 2

Neutral shades are almost always present in a decor in warm colours. White is perfect for lighting and to highlight the intense tones, other tones like gray, beige or sand accompany all decreasing contrasts. Perfect rustic environments can be generated with natural tones, wood and furniture indicated.

Decorate in warm colors 3

Warm shades like Fuchsia, orange or red in large areas of small rooms, are not advised since they tend to reduce the space. The colors look better with good natural lighting, in addition it can be favoured with yellow on the walls.


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