Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beige and Purple, a Beautiful Combination

It is true that beige is a wildcard. If we do not know how to paint the walls, this can be a good choice, and goes well with almost any color and hue. You can create pleasant environments combined with neutral tones or pastels, or more elegant and attractive with tones more dark and intense.

Beige and purple, a beautiful combination 1

One of the colors most conducive to combine to the beige is purple, or any shade of violet and its myriad of names. In different measures, more than one, less than the other, everything depends on our tastes and the proportions of the atmosphere that fence to decorate.

Beige and purple, a beautiful combination 2

Neutral tone is usually used for the walls, and leave the intense color for dietary supplements and some fabrics, such as cushions, curtains, carpets, full furniture, or just a detail. But there is another alternative, more risky, use the purple walls and leave the beige for the smallest.

Beige and purple, a beautiful combination 3

Beige and purple, a beautiful combination 4

The neutral color can also approach a cream, sand, or almost a broken white. Violet close to a very intense pink, or on the contrary, a hue very soft, and in this way achieve rooms more delicate.

Beige and purple, a beautiful combination 5

This combination always you can add other shades to make the whole more colorful and thus expand the used letter. White is always a good third color, and to a lesser extent also used grey, roses, soft Greens, soft orange or dark woods.


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