Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hindu Decoration, Colorful and Warm Designs

A typical Indian style ambiance has great influences of the history, traditions and religion almost like any other style. The good choice of color, tapestries, furniture and decorative accessories can easily show a strong hindu style.
Hindu decoration, colorful and warm designs 1
One of the first steps to take in the decoration is the choice of colors, therefore must know that the warm and vivid tones are indicated; for example: red, saffron, ochre, mustard or Golden. On the other hand, we find earthy colors, which in turn can be accompanied by warm colors or neutral tones, but always in an atmosphere of a wide chromatic variety.
Hindu decoration, colorful and warm designs 2
Along with key points to decorate: we will have to define the type and the amount of necessary furniture for each room. Furniture in common use as a sofa for the living room, clad in bright colors. Trunks and boxes decorated with paintings and furniture auxiliary in dark woods must be added to the set.

The more demanding can purchase furniture carved or painted by hand. Usually made of wood of shisham, a variety of the India rosewood. Another very common material in the furniture is bamboo and diversity of natural fibres.
Hindu decoration, colorful and warm designs 3
When textiles, bulky pads or with upholstered seats are very common. A distinctive element of india are its elaborate carpets that tend to rest in the middle of a room, covering a large part of it, or else as a detail in walls.
Hindu decoration, colorful and warm designs 4
And to conclude, the decorative accessories. The use of images relating to religion, gods, elephants or sails sculpture make the environment even more exclusive. Although you can dispense with such objects or complement them with lamps or other modern design, presented a gently mixed or somewhat current style.


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