Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tinted With Templates on Hardwood Floors

In a previous post we saw as it is possible to paint through stencils walls or any surface (including furniture), printing figures and patterns through color. But this same technique can be used with dyes and imitate Woods of different types.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 1

The effects range from a graph in two tones, to laborious centers, guards, and patterns that give life and distinction to the soils more simple.

To make a stained and screen-printed at least an ink or coloured varnish that enough should choose more dark than the original wood, so there is a contrast highlighting the shapes or figures that you wish to print.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 2

But if the wood is very clear, besides is possible to dye it to get a base in a medium shade color. It should be noted that the wood should be Virgin, i.e. free of any type of varnish, plasticizer, protector or coating. Otherwise, it will be necessary to Polish it.

Templates can be fixed to the floor with paper tape, and with the help of a brush, sponge or cotton pad coloring the indicated area. Avoid excess paint so that it does not strain between the template and the soil, obtaining in this way a good markup of the figures.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 3

In the case of squares of different colors, lines or straight geometric figures can only use the paper tape to delimit the areas that take different colors, or separate which will be tinted than not.

To culminate the work the necessary quantities of hands of plasticizer for wooden floors or varnish should be applied to prolong the durability of the design and protect the same wood.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 4

This suede work done on furniture, giving new life and diversity of colours and shapes. The work can that be done with utmost care and patience, but the results are rewarding.


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