Friday, 12 August 2016

The Interiors Are in Black and White

Although this combination the better you sit with modern and minimalist decorations, classic interiors, can be used in all types of environments, including is becoming more common to include black and white decoration.

The interiors are in black and white 1

Usually in an interior where is committed to these shades can work in two ways: one is use white as "base color" in the painting of the walls and floors, and include furniture, fabrics and decorative accessories in black.

The interiors are in black and white 2

Another way is just the opposite, the basis of black that can be given by walls or dark finishes, flooring and fabrics, using white on different objects such as other fabrics and accessories. Although this surely is more risky, and useful only in spacious and well-lit environments.

The interiors are in black and white 3

Very you can usually cut the contrast with the touch of a different color. It looks beautiful indoor plant, a flower, a fabric, a small wall or any decorative complement to give a distinctive touch.

The interiors are in black and white 4

On the other hand, change broken by white, beige, ivory, or another less luminous hue makes more warm and inviting space. More suitable for spaces.


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