Saturday, 13 August 2016

He Designed the Interior of your Home with Room Arranger

With the help of various computer programs we can design the interiors of the House, try colors and distribute furniture. Room Arranger includes all this functions, with the possibility of designing any interior and exterior of a House, presenting the work completed on screen, in a plane in printed form, or in a display in 3D.

He designed the interior of your home with Room Arranger 1

What can we do with Room Arranger?
At the time of work with the software, we can create in a project: the type of environment to design, set up the steps, locate the openings and each of the furniture, the color of the walls and decorative accessories. So it is special to make a flat interior of our home and your next color and decoration. There is also the possibility of designing exterior facades and gardens.

Download the program for free
Room Arranger you can download from their official website for free and lasts in all its functions out of the box, after this 30-day period are disabled some functions like printing projects, which can be avoided by purchasing the license. The web site is in English, although the program has 37 languages among which the Spanish.

He designed the interior of your home with Room Arranger 2

Presentation of the designs
As I said earlier, the works are presented in three ways to appreciate it finished, can be saved as an image on disk (of the type. JPG), printing the paper, or project as a web page where you can see the project in 3 dimensions and can "wander" virtually stay inside or all the designed housing.

He designed the interior of your home with Room Arranger 3

Software is easy to use, and for all those who like the interior design can get great out of it. It does not require advanced knowledge in computer, just download it, install it and start "playing" in the new design your home!

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