Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Colors for Office or Study

We have to build an atmosphere of harmony between colors to choose and the rest of the objects in the interior. Therefore we will not only put our efforts in the colour of the walls but also in the decoration, furniture and carpets. In addition to the difference of materials, textures and lighting.

Colors for office or study 1

Color of the office furniture that you choose should complement the color that you choose for the walls in his office. An office may seem very depressing and intimidating if the walls are painted in a dark color and furniture are dark to coincide. A detail of paint in a neutral or bright tone does wonders, can help encourage an office and improve productivity. Buy furniture in those same ringtones also can make a big difference in the way that one feels when entering the place.

Corporate colors?
The colors that identify the company usually tend to be bright and high contrast, precisely for the reason that are elected in graphic design, must be discarded in a working environment where can be aggressive, for not to favour concentration and an increase in stress to its occupants.

Influence on mood
It is clear that mood of workers in an office influences his work and performance. We must therefore develop a harmonious atmosphere, as far as possible with diversity in colours but avoiding high contrasts as black or white, and complementary colors.

Colors for office or study 2

Creating environments
You must also have the account environment that you want to generate in the office, concentration and performance, creativity and ideas, or teamwork and interaction.

The tones of Brown, beige and earthy colors have relaxing effects.
The orange color is a tone that encourages interaction with others in a casual way. Also the yellow that favors activity in the brain and stimulates communication.
The blues are especially suitable in offices and very stressful places where it is necessary to calm the mood of the occupant avoiding their excitement.
The Green promotes creativity, concentration, relaxation, and individual work.


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