Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Combine The Wallpaper With Paint

Different designs of wallpaper gives alternatives to renew and give life to an area of House with little money, but should not be papering all the walls. What is convenient is to combine it with paint. This has a motive, too many drawings and textures tire to anyone in a short time.
Combine The Wallpaper With Paint 1

But we're going to the point, how to combine the color of the paint with the design and colors of the wallpaper? Here are three ways:

Use the color of the wallpaper front

All papers have a background colour and a foreground color (or colour of the drawing), one of these two will be which will choose the colour of the walls. In this case a shade of floral design has been chosen for the painting. The white background is included in decorative elements.
Combine The Wallpaper With Paint 2

Use the background color of the wallpaper

Another way to obtain an effect of continuity, and highlight only the drawing of the wall we could use for walls the background color. In this case the tones of the picture would be used on fabrics or decorative accessories.
Combine The Wallpaper With Paint 3
Use a different color in paint and wallpaper

The result can be astounding, but choosing colors is a bit more complicated. It is best to use a natural or neutral color such as white broken, grey, beige, sand, cream, and others to the walls. Already the wallpaper is to everyone's taste, but certainly must include their colors in textiles or decorative objects that decorate and dress up the room.

In this case it is recommended to use a more discreet wallpaper and low-contrast between colors.

Combine The Wallpaper With Paint 4

 It is obvious that paper and paint colors should coordinate among themselves, you can choose combinations of common colors


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