Monday, 5 September 2016

Painting in Color Chocolate

It should take certain precautions to use dark like coffee or chocolate. But these same have characteristics that make them very good other tones, especially vibrant colors companions.

Painting in color chocolate 1

As all combinations can generate different climates, creating atmospheres with certain peculiarities elegant or youth, classic or modern. This chocolate can be used for a child room and a living room (lounge) or a law firm.

Painting in color chocolate 2

Shades of green, pink, blue, Orange, beige, ivory, are some of them that can be accompanied. White is the essential additive to enhance colors and bring the light to the environment needs.

Painting in color chocolate 3

Risk that runs using a Brown is, basically, drastically lower the illumination of an environment, and create a monotonous and "boring", this space is that it must be taken into account that in the environment may increase the natural light and is equipped with a good artificial lighting at night times.

Painting in color chocolate 4

To achieve a decoration appropriate is necessary define a letter chromatic of two or three colors and apply them in walls, fabrics and accessories according to appropriate. Not to paint walls in chocolate color, it can be an excellent choice for furniture or decorative accessories.


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