Thursday, 4 August 2016

Decorate With Gold

Not necessarily the golden color must be present for the holiday season or Christmas. These shades create an elegant, luxurious, chic space. You must integrate the rest of the decor in a prudent measure and in the company of the indicated colors.
Decorate With Gold 1

Where to use gold
The styles most common where shades of gold are used are the classic, Shabby Chic, Hindu. The abundance of elements and variety of fabrics creates the possibility of including some details on this particular metallic color.

Frames and pictures are an element where shades are commonly used bronze, silver, or gold. Other common elements include chandeliers, lampstands, dishes, and even furniture.
Decorate With Gold 2

Also gilding can be added through the painting eventually metalized in any wall or furniture. An alternative are wallpaper, guard, vinyl, or Valances with Golden details that transform the walls. Or screens flashing a special brightness in pillows, bedspreads and upholstery.
Decorate With Gold 3

With that color match it
To integrate accessories or paint in gold to a decoration, it is common to use colors like white broken, dark grey or black, natural tones such as beige, creams and chocolates. In this case the gold should be used with prudence, of all modes will be transformed into a detail not unnoticed.
Decorate With Gold 4

Combination of colors such as purple, roses or oranges to create environments more exotic. An example are the Hindu decorations abounding these shades in combination with gold accents.


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