Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Advantages of The Wallpaper From Walls

The wallpaper is a very decorative alternative to painting. With this achieved effects than the traditional method of painting the walls fails. Not to mention the beautiful result that can be achieved with the drawing and colors suitable for the decoration of our House.
Advantages of The Wallpaper From Walls 1

One of the advantages, is that it very easily conceals imperfections in walls.

Them papers vinyl are highly washable, what makes that the spots are withdraw easily with a cloth wet with detergent or solvent.

Adapt to different decorative styles, by the great variety of colours and designs available in the market. Van of the classic flowered, to them modern designs geometric, and of them known lines and imitations of wood to designs with reasons children's.

The possibility of combining it with painted walls, and not only pissing off the visibility of all a stay with the same design is an ideal alternative. Beautiful and delicate decorations putting wallpaper on a wall, columns or beams, baseboards of 60 or 80 cm of height and painting the rest with colors that combine with paper are achieved.
Advantages of The Wallpaper From Walls 2
In case of using paintable paper it is not necessary to remove it to paint the wall when we have tired of its design, an option that we can save some time.

Disadvantages? Let's say that few. One is its placement, there are designs that require a good paper handling, this means experience in the placement, or much ingenuity and patience. Another disadvantage may be that if we don't choose well the reason we get tired easily, but this is a very personal, just giving the key colors view and drawing indicated, can be very rewarding.


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