Tuesday, 20 September 2016

With Cork Furniture Decorating Ideas

Cork is a material used for many years, its properties and characteristics make it a very interesting product in a myriad of fields. Today is again booming with great ideas of decoration with Cork.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 1

Decoration with Cork has a neutral color, and important aesthetic advantages of natural appearance for those who want to create elegant spaces. On the other hand, these characteristics favour the choice of different decorative styles, from style rustic to luxury decoration field.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 2

Cork accessories can be adapted to any environment, and can even be used as excellent decorative accessories: lamps, frames, vases, bajo-platos, baskets .

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 3

We can place it in all rooms. For example, a cork-framed mirror is a great choice for dining hall, modern rooms, children's bedrooms and working areas or offices.

Decorate with Cork provide an atmosphere full of charm and warmth.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 4

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Decorate With Two Colors

The use of two colors in an environment can be much simplify things at the time of the decoration, since all we have to add will be based on these selected colours.

How to decorate with two colors 1

The contrast of colors
Through the colors we can create environments of different characteristics. If the tones generated a sharp contrast can be achieved a space modern or active, and if any of these tones is a warm colour environment will become more youth. On the other hand, if the shades there a contrast too pointed space will be more classical or romantic, more delicate and relaxing.

Next to a neutral color
Usually when using just two colors, at least one of them in a neutral hue by all characteristics generated over intense colors, as we have seen in neutral colors and combinations.

How to decorate with two colors 2

And one of the favorite colors to emphasize other color is white. Through the same combinations very active and bright, with more or less contrast, are created depending on your companion. Some examples of this are the white and Green Apple, white and blue, white and red.

How to decorate with two colors 3

How to decorate
In the image above we see the decoration of bathroom in green and white. They have been chosen both colors for walls, but quietly it can be only one. In this case furniture, fabrics and bathroom in white set. Add-ins are in contrast to the environment where they are.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Painting in Color Chocolate

It should take certain precautions to use dark like coffee or chocolate. But these same have characteristics that make them very good other tones, especially vibrant colors companions.

Painting in color chocolate 1

As all combinations can generate different climates, creating atmospheres with certain peculiarities elegant or youth, classic or modern. This chocolate can be used for a child room and a living room (lounge) or a law firm.

Painting in color chocolate 2

Shades of green, pink, blue, Orange, beige, ivory, are some of them that can be accompanied. White is the essential additive to enhance colors and bring the light to the environment needs.

Painting in color chocolate 3

Risk that runs using a Brown is, basically, drastically lower the illumination of an environment, and create a monotonous and "boring", this space is that it must be taken into account that in the environment may increase the natural light and is equipped with a good artificial lighting at night times.

Painting in color chocolate 4

To achieve a decoration appropriate is necessary define a letter chromatic of two or three colors and apply them in walls, fabrics and accessories according to appropriate. Not to paint walls in chocolate color, it can be an excellent choice for furniture or decorative accessories.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Decorate in Warm Colors

The warm colours give this same, warmth, creating a cozy but at the same time active space. They are useful for all kinds of environments depending on the intensity of the colors used and the combination with neutral tones.

Decorate in warm colors 1

Between them colors warm find to them shades that van from the Green beige to the purple in the circle chromatic, highlighting is them orange, yellow and red with their different variations. Usual hues more intense are left for fabrics and accessories if you want to make a space more calmed.

Decorate in warm colors 2

Neutral shades are almost always present in a decor in warm colours. White is perfect for lighting and to highlight the intense tones, other tones like gray, beige or sand accompany all decreasing contrasts. Perfect rustic environments can be generated with natural tones, wood and furniture indicated.

Decorate in warm colors 3

Warm shades like Fuchsia, orange or red in large areas of small rooms, are not advised since they tend to reduce the space. The colors look better with good natural lighting, in addition it can be favoured with yellow on the walls.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Touches of Orange Color

The Orange produces a unique decoration in visual impact. He is friendly with variety of hues creating warm and cheerful. It is a simple way to give a special touch.

Touches of orange color 1

It is obvious that orange does not pass unnoticed and can give life to different interior regardless of the style and proportions. A common use is with neutral tones. It is an excellent companion for spaces in beige, along with wood and natural tones. 

Touches of orange color 2

It is common that a friendly white is decorated with small touches of Orange, giving a warm touch and color, maintaining the effect of spaciousness and light generated by the neutral color.

Touches of orange color 3

Along with green shades, roses and yellow forms decorations in shades of citrus, extremely lively attractions.

Details of Orange tend to be cushions or cushions, paintings, decorative objects and plenty of small surfaces, only to give a special and distinctive touch to the environment. Use in walls or large surfaces can be an alternative more risky.

Beige, a Classic on the Walls and Decor

Beige is a color halfway between yellow and Brown. It is without a doubt one of the most used in decoration. And it is a common and safe decision in the painting of the walls. This is so for being a natural hue that looks great with almost any other.

Beige, a classic on the walls and decor 1

We can say that white feels great, best when beige hue is more dark. The rest of the neutral colors are also a good company. Generating in this way, passive and elegant environments.

Beige, a classic on the walls and decor 2

But no doubt it makes look intense colors such as blue, purple, green or orange, composing spaces more assets.

Beige, a classic on the walls and decor 3

Wood and natural fibres, by its color, you are also friendly. By this it can be complemented them perfectly in rustic décor, for example.

Beige, a classic on the walls and decor 4

He has been a color always used, this is not the choice of those who want environments more dynamic and modern, but a few touches of vivid colors can transform completely the same appreciation.

Tinted With Templates on Hardwood Floors

In a previous post we saw as it is possible to paint through stencils walls or any surface (including furniture), printing figures and patterns through color. But this same technique can be used with dyes and imitate Woods of different types.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 1

The effects range from a graph in two tones, to laborious centers, guards, and patterns that give life and distinction to the soils more simple.

To make a stained and screen-printed at least an ink or coloured varnish that enough should choose more dark than the original wood, so there is a contrast highlighting the shapes or figures that you wish to print.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 2

But if the wood is very clear, besides is possible to dye it to get a base in a medium shade color. It should be noted that the wood should be Virgin, i.e. free of any type of varnish, plasticizer, protector or coating. Otherwise, it will be necessary to Polish it.

Templates can be fixed to the floor with paper tape, and with the help of a brush, sponge or cotton pad coloring the indicated area. Avoid excess paint so that it does not strain between the template and the soil, obtaining in this way a good markup of the figures.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 3

In the case of squares of different colors, lines or straight geometric figures can only use the paper tape to delimit the areas that take different colors, or separate which will be tinted than not.

To culminate the work the necessary quantities of hands of plasticizer for wooden floors or varnish should be applied to prolong the durability of the design and protect the same wood.

Tinted with templates on hardwood floors 4

This suede work done on furniture, giving new life and diversity of colours and shapes. The work can that be done with utmost care and patience, but the results are rewarding.