Thursday, 4 August 2016

Slate Paint

Paint slate to paint the walls is none other than that always has been used to paint slates or boards. But that is now used as an aesthetic appeal in special spaces of home or office.
Slate Paint

The common color is black where better highlight the chalk colors, but can be found in various shades according to the manufacturer, which can be selected according to the colors that we have in the rest of the environment or the decorative idea you have in mind.
Slate Paint 1

Any wall of the children's room can be painted at home. The guys will do doodles or drawings on the walls with white chalk and colors, which will be erased with a dry or damp cloth (to get better cleaning) and this way to start again.
Slate Paint 2

In other environments the walls can be useful to record activities, lists of shopping, supports memory, or simply text or drawings with certain decorative tone.

Slate Paint 3

The inside of a door is a special part for paint with chalkboard paint. The doors of a Cabinet or other furniture. Also the base of a wall, to a height of 80 centimeters to a meter.
Slate Paint 4

It is advisable not to paint over one wall if painting is a dark, not decrease of ambient light. It is best to look for a small wall, partition or wall of separation.
Slate Paint 5

The painting is an aesthetic appeal that used with creativity can make pleasant spaces to visa and to be. Just get us where paint to achieve beautiful and original results.
Slate Paint 6


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