Saturday, 30 July 2016

Coloring Paints and Varnishes

One of the main objectives for which we decided to paint is to change the color to our home and give it a distinct appearance. It is essential to know choose colors but also know how to prepare them.
The majority of the painting come from factory in ready-made colors. For example, synthetic enamels, with colors such as white, yellow, red, blue, green, and other not-so-classic tones but if well known as silver, ochre, Vicuña, cobalt, etc..
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All these paints them can be mixed to obtain new "custom" colors, or add white getting colors pastels, i.e., colors of the same range or tone, but more clear.

Water paintings, whether they are acrylic or vinyl used to paint walls also come in colors like cement, tiles, ochre, colonial, etc. Varnishes are also dyed with colours that tone to the wood where they are applied, but without covering it entirely revealing the original veins, these colors are mahogany, cedar, walnut, oak, or the name of wood that mimic.

Also many paint or paint stores have machines to prepare colors according to an extensive menu with thousands of ringtones to choose: the tintometric system. A convenient option for the preparation of the colors of our House, but surely with a higher cost.

The other way to prepare colors is to use universal entonadores or special dyes. You can see an example of how coloring paints with entonadores universal in as dye painting white.

Paper Tape or Tape Bodywork

Also called "Painter's tape", Carpenter belt,""Masking tape","Masking tape"or"Tape bodywork", is a multipurpose item essential while you paint your House.

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Caring for stain

Used to cover areas that we don't want stains with paint, or to hold paper or plastics that will serve to cover furniture when it comes to painting. It is important to be very careful with spotting.
How to place it, when to remove it?

The surface where it will be attached must be free of dust and grease, otherwise not be set. Not must keep attached a tape for a long time because it will be very difficult to remove, having to help us with solvents and spatulas to make it. The maximum period is 2 or 3 days.
Keeping clean Interior

If you sand too, possibly using electric Sanders surely dust you end up messing those places that even are clogged or closed. If you don't want that they fill with dust, dressers, closets or cabinets with doors (including other rooms) can place on all doors and drawers a paper tape covering the slot or light between frame and door.
Useful for cuts of painting

Using paper tape to make cotes of different colors of paint, try to press strongly beating properly the side painting the tape. Otherwise the material can seep below and the line between colors will not be perfect.

The Paintings Remover Chemical Paint Stripper

"Paint Remover" or "chemical stripper" is a very powerful product that is used to remove layers of paint in poor condition. Usually these are oil paintings such as synthetic enamels or varnishes. You can find it with different characteristics, paste, liquid and gel, these last two can be applied with a brush.
Mode of application

To apply the Remover on a wood will have to leave it according to the instructions of the container by the general are between 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the paint with a spatula, slipped. Be very careful not to scratch the wood, always working in favor of the grain.

In metals it will be much easier and painting with chip of steel or a brush of this material can be removed. If there are remnants of paint, you will have to repeat the operation and then rinse the surface with mineral turpentine or water, according to the specifications of the packaging of the product.
When to apply

When the paint area has very old hands and is not possible to fix it with a good sanding.

Others of the reasons by which should apply Remover is used to remove the color of a piece of furniture or wood door to let them natural, and thus varnishing them to highlight their veins. Or if not, remove the varnish, plasticizer or lacquer, to apply another type of paint as acrylic water enamel. It is possible that if these materials are not removed before glazing, subsequent painting is quarter or tend to detach from the surface.
Safety recommendations

Well protect hands with gloves and used goggles and mask. It is not recommended to take contact with the skin, avoid any contact with eyes, and you don't inhale it, which emit highly toxic. The security measures are very important when handling paints and dangerous products like this.

How To Dye a White Paint With Entonadores

Usually to dye a painting at home entonadores are used or universal dyes that to learn how to use them are going to pose a practical situation:
Suppose you have 10 liters of acrylic latex paint a couple of rooms in house. And you want to achieve a sky blue color. According to interior latex colour chart will need 15cc of blue and violet 15cc for one liter. What we can translate in 150 and 150 respectively for a tin of 10 lts.

In a different container you separate one liter of this painting and add the specified amount of tuning blue and violet (in this case the 150cc each). You can measure the quantities with a disposable syringe.

Stir until a uniform strong blue color, then painting you add it to the container of 10 litres with white paint, and mixtures with a table or revolvedor of wood with circular movements and up and down.

This container is used to achieve a complete dissolution of the tuning in the paint without leaving remains solid. With the color already prepared are ready for paint. If it is necessary to add 5% to 10% of the required diluent, in this case water. This same procedure is used for oil as the synthetic enamel paints.

A method that many painters used is the adding the required amount of dye to the total of the painting that will be used. You can do this if you are sure that the tuning is of good quality. Make sure you stir paint well, get stress at the bottom of the cube often where traces of the dye. I recommend the first way.