Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Feng Shui Metal Element

In the same way as the elements wood, this element is divided into two areas, each with its specific colors and the properties of each one of them.

Great metal: black, grey, white

Feng Shui metal element 1

Stimuli and sensations
The color black is the absence of the color. It gives an atmosphere of sensuality, depth and responsiveness. Generates an environment quiet and romantic. It also transmits nobility and elegance.

The white color is the opposite of the black, the sum of all colors, representing good, symbol and feeling of purity and cleanliness. White creates a luminous impression of emptiness, is a color of positive stimuli. Can be cold, and uncomfortable for certain people, tends to tire the view.

The gray tones are the mixture of the two previously named colors, balance, neutrality. Give the impression of coldness metal, but also feeling of brilliance, luxury and elegance, even sadness, indecision, passivity.

Feng Shui metal element 2

Recommended places
The study of the House is an ideal place to apply some shade of gray, since it stimulates concentration. Also offices and every place where you want to generate a little aggressive environment and elegant. It is excellent to combine with tones cakes of different colors and different variations of blue.

Small metal: white colors and pastels

Feng Shui metal element 3

Stimuli and sensations
The pastel colours are white with slight variations to a color, a hue. Or we can also say that it is a color with much brightness according to what we read on the color characteristics. They generate a feeling of delicacy and purity, this is a color widely used for babies.

Feng Shui metal element 4

Places recommended
White is not a color recommended for children's rooms because of the cleaning and durability, you can replace it with a pastel tone, especially if they are very small can choose a soft blue for males and a soft pink for girls.

If like give amplitude and lighting to your home includes ringtones cakes and white in any part. In medical clinics or hospitals, it gives feeling of cleaning.


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