Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Fourth Girl in Pink and Chocolate

This beautiful Champagne Chic room has essentially been decorated in two colours. Let's take a look at the style and combinations in this case in point.
A fourth girl in pink and chocolate 1

Style of decoration
If we have to define a style, as in any environment is rather complex to identify. We can say that it is a bit of this and that. In this case we would say that it has some romantic, some Chic, with enough children's touches and much creativity.

Colors used
Chocolate color has been used on all the walls and even in the color of the ceiling, giving a finish base in all kinds of pink shades, but without dark tone to lose protagonism in the set.
A fourth girl in pink and chocolate 2

All accessories, cushions and fabrics are roses, Fuchsias and pastry, taking care to keep the monochrome of the supplements but doing them at the same time as sufficiently particular to each of them. Words of the designer:

I had to mix and match pink, cream and green bed, to create a nice mix and in contrast to the delicious chocolate wall color
A fourth girl in pink and chocolate 3

It is also used cream, bone and white in some fabrics, carpeting or rug and furniture, basically is the neutral color which was making failure to finish complement the whole.
A fourth girl in pink and chocolate 4

A fourth girl in pink and chocolate 5

Decorative accessories:
Last first printing of colors in its play of tones and contrast we have sought to observe the detail of accessories. In this case Shimmers the personality of the designer and the inhabitant of the place, particular elements and personal touches make light warmth and sweetness that has been achieved.


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