Friday, 5 August 2016

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl

A good vinyl can be the perfect complement to decorate the wall and become the center of attention in a room. The correct choice of it is crucial to combine, is highlighted or not in the whole of the environment you want to decorate.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 1

Create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere
The walls in these environments are preferred in grey, black, graphite, Brown, wine or some blue. The vinyl is this case could be chosen in shades of black, gray, or that are of the same color of the wall but in a tone more clear or dark, and maybe metallic. Geometric, floral, text, modern and urban art designs are chosen.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 2

Discrete vinyls in sensitive rooms
The colors of walls are usually shades cakes, soft or neutral colors very clear as broken white, bone, or beige, or maybe a soft grey. The vinyl should also go in a soft tone, or neutral. They are favorite silhouettes in Earth, wood and cake designs, slightly different to the base color or gray. The most usual is to use floral motifs.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 3

Give the detail of color
A simple way to build an environment is to use neutral tones on the walls, which can add to be natural colors in wood, furniture and fabrics. Only just add you a touch of color that can apply is in complements decorative, or in this case a vinyl, which in any occasion could be replaced by changing the sense to the environment.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 4

In this case in white walls vinyls can give the touch of color or to become the center of attention, depending on the tone and the same size.

In complement with other objects
In a living room or bedroom with accessories and objects of particular color you can choose a vinyl that accompanies the whole, adapts perfectly, but not for this see attractive.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 5

Colorful walls and contrasts
And there are those who do not enjoy the discretion and soft details, and prefer to inform all view their tastes. The vinyl can create a great contrast in the wall being significantly visible. In light walls are chosen shades too dark as black, red, multicolor; clear designs on dark walls and from the classical motifs to the most original.

Colours of Walls and Decorative Vinyl 6

Is very useful what says the people of looks in your inside, of where I have extracted these images: "not think in the color that has your wall, thinks in the color that you would like that have." Paint it. It is simple and inexpensive and will give you a climate very different to your environment and also the graphics you choose." This will help to we don't limit and increase the number of combinations.


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