Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Warm Green, Media and Cold for Your Interior

Green tones are the ones that most occupy space in the chromatic circle closer to the beige and blue tones forming a wide palette of colors. This variety makes the green are suitable for any environment, generating a variety of spaces and sensations.

Warm Green

Warm Green, Media and Cold for Your Interior 1

No doubt the warm shades give dynamism to the rooms. The spaces seem to be juvenile and luminous. They can be combined with yellow, ochre, Orange, natural shades, white. Between the warm shades of green will be able find the pistachio, olive among the best known by their names.

Green Media

Warm Green, Media and Cold for Your Interior 2

Between the transition of tones Green is located which could call the pure green, the more common in the nature. Color can take tones more soft or dark obviously. Guided by their popular name we find green grass, Emerald, Apple...

Cold Green

Warm Green, Media and Cold for Your Interior 3

Environments more fresh, elegant and liabilities are those who manage to compose the Greens more near to the blue. They are usually accompanied by soft natural shades, as the broken white, Pearl, beige or sand. We quote the Green olive, aquamarine, petroleum, among others. Green Beryl, very popular this year, would also add in this category.

Variations of green tones

It should be noted that this way of looking at the different shades of green derives from the variations of tone or color hue. In addition to this, the colors may suffer a variation of brightness with what colors would more light or dark; and otherwise suffer a variation of saturation, obtaining colors more intense or, on the contrary, agrisados.


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