Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Feng Shui Element Earth

There are three sectors dedicated to this natural element, which we will see with their recommended colors and sensations that each of these projects according to the Bagua.

Center: yellow and natural shades

Feng Shui element Earth 1

Stimuli and sensations
Yellow is the color of the Sun, the day, a color that gives clarity even in dark places, so it is suitable for areas with low solar lighting. The more intense tones can produce anxiety. The yellows also tend to be construed as jovial, emotional, exciting and impulsive.

Brown is a severe, masculine, comfortable color. The Earth, light brown, beige tones, are shades of extreme delicacy and gentleness, but sad and monotonous.

Feng Shui element Earth 2

Recommended places
Yellow is suitable for dark areas of the House. Vivid colors like this, irradiaran joviality and an atmosphere of joy and communication. Natural or earthy tones are good for bedrooms and living rooms, encouraging rest and tranquility.

Small Earth: black, green, blue

Feng Shui element Earth 3

Stimuli and sensations
The Green is sedative, although it lacks all the features of the blue that reassures people, leads to introspection and passivity. It encourages concentration and creativity.

Both are cool colors, so should be considered the room where it will be applied, in warm climates and with abundant natural lighting.

Feng Shui element Earth 4

Recommended places
Whenever there is a good natural lighting we can place them in bedrooms, and rooms. The pastel shades are a marked finesse and softness.

Great land: red, rose, white

Feng Shui element Earth 5

Stimuli and sensations
The pink tones create environments up to romantic and very relaxing. The rose is an iconic color, symbol of women and femininity, this is not too much liking for some men

Feng Shui element Earth 5

Recommended places
Double bedroom or places of rest, quarters of girls. This color is not recommended for offices, studies and work or study-oriented sites.


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