Saturday, 6 August 2016

Brick Painted in White and Colors

The exposed brick, also called brick in sight, can be a good decorative alternative for interior walls. Rustic environments, in combination with walls of plaster or any plaster or stucco finish can be achieved with it.
Brick painted in white and colors 1

There is not only the option of varnishing it or protect it with a waterproofing masonry in particular. You can also paint with plastic paint or latex for Interior, keeping the rustic finish, but giving it color, which is necessary. White to increase the illumination and amplitude visually room. Or perhaps another hue according to our tastes and the rest of the decor.

In combination with smooth walls and in the company of other colors are a good alternative to get textured walls, and thus give a new look to a seen brick wall that will create a new environment.
Brick painted in white and colors 2

If you do not have the possibility of having a wall in your House with exposed brick, you can use special panels that simulate the texture of the brick or stone, with the possibility of painting them with colors to choice.


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