Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Neutral Colours and Combinations

Neutral colors can include white, the great range of greys and black. They are also often added to list the family of natural (cream, beige, Brown, lands), and the variety of shades of different colors of the chromatic circle close to the grey.

Neutral colours and combinations 1

These colors are a symbol of simplicity and elegance, look on their own accompanying any type of decoration, also always combined with another color, conveying a sense of harmony.

White, black, grey
The grey tones can be placed in the set of black and white, being an intermediary between the two, slightly reducing contrast, combining them in a tonal monochromatic colors and spatial scheme generate a modern climate, with metallic look.

Neutral colours and combinations 2

Grey tones and colors
Gray tones are good companions of any color without altering its properties, keeping all its shine and vigor, creating a balance in the decorated space. It also goes very well with white, black and pastels such as pink, green, Orange tones; or intense as blue or wine.

Neutral colours and combinations 3

Blacks are difficult handling, that in combination with shades of gray, white, Brown and colorful details generated good environments. Black in very uncommon on the walls and is used for furniture and draperies, considering the walls grey colors or a beige or cream, creating an elegant and serene atmosphere.


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