Saturday, 6 August 2016

Decorating the Walls with Metallic Paint

Although are of fashion and are of beautiful finishes, the paintings metallic are a weapon of double edge. You have to know where and how much apply to not create environments overwhelming that at the end of the work of decoration, not give a good image and not to achieve the expected results. It is advisable for use on small objects, areas or surfaces where will the touch of sufficient distinction, giving priority to the delicacy and harmony of the whole. In large walls colors must be indicated and expediently applied with spray gun.

Their complex application with conventional tools makes use in walls of large proportions difficult, having to use gun to the correct finish. But working with brush, roller or sponge is simple in the following cases.

Paint small metal objects of ceramic, porcelain or wood
It is one of the most simple and common practices where decorative objects for a task of restoration or recycling disused are chosen. A lamp, centerpiece, or perhaps a picture or mirror frame are the chosen items. It must not rule out the possibility of painting a table or furniture in particular.

Decorating the Walls with Metallic Paint 1

Paint moldings or bands on ceiling and walls
Them borders of plaster that usually have between ceiling and wall or some other sector, usually used in a decoration of style classic, are conducive for the painted with paints metallic. This removes this material from metallic finish used in modern decorations, is not precisely there where can give excellent touches, usually with silvery or bluish tones.

Decorating the Walls with Metallic Paint 2

Paint stencil simulating vinyls
Decorative vinyls are a very simple and beautiful way to decorate any wall. Through the technical of the stencil or stencil is can paint flowers, guards, patterns or any form with help of a template with the model desired, getting a result of them more delicate and beautiful in the use of this type of painting.

Decorating the Walls with Metallic Paint 3

Paint lines or small areas or strips
Betting on using it on major lines on the walls with special reasons or just horizontal or vertical wide stripes as way to decorate an entire wall can be made. With the use of traditional tools and the bodywork tape work can be performed.

Decorating the Walls with Metallic Paint 4

Paint textured walls
In the case of textured walls there is no danger that appreciate brands of roller or brush, while you will surely need as much material to cover the surface. Also be can do a fluff on walls smooth giving only a touch of brightness to the same.


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