Thursday, 11 August 2016

Loft, Colors and Decoration Tips

There is no doubt that we can speak of "loft" already as a decorative style, in addition to a particular way of building a House. The loft is filled with a modern design, with marked minimalist or avant-garde tendencies, but without losing its industrial origins that gave rise a few decades ago.

This type of architecture is very chosen by young people, who like furniture, spacious rooms, modern shared spaces, that generate a current and oxygenated climate.

Loft, colors and decoration tips 1

With regard to the colors
In terms of what us matters most, the color of the walls. The most commonly used are clear and cold colors. It is usual to find white or white, also grey which imitate the concrete and accompany devoid of lining walls. But to generate an atmosphere more warm are commonly used tones land, creams, bone and other natural tones.

Loft, colors and decoration tips 2

Obviously white, the most used, generates this fresh and modern atmosphere you are looking for, also giving the idea of cleaning, spaciousness and order of this style, very similar to minimalism. To this key you can add intense tones that create a contrast in some rooms in the home, and delimit areas. These can be a color wine, graphite, black, Orange, green...

Some tips on decoration
With regards to furniture, are preferred few and large, modern style, but is it possible something more classical. It is in them where can be offered the accent color in contrast to the walls, or by the counter mimick armchairs and others in similar color or a shade.

Loft, colors and decoration tips 3

Replacement of furniture and library shelves gives more space, fundamental guideline to achieve balanced and attractive interior.

It is usual to use glass partitions in the bathroom, and also sliding doors of the same material to exterior or to separate a room, keeping the visual communication and integrity of the environment.

It is certainly necessary to maintain a good lighting, almost an extreme brightness in place, therefore the use of large windows, glazed doors and the use of pastel shades and white is the current.


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