Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Painting the Ceiling Color

The ceiling is the surface of an environment that receives less light from the outside (but even if you have small windows) and usually it is customary to paint it a color white, or very mild, to maintain clarity in the room. This also makes the roof more high in appearance. But this should not be taken always to the letter and can be experienced with a variety of colors, in the same way as on the walls.

Painting the ceiling color 1

If you choose too dark, the tone of the walls should be more clearly, to not subtract too much lighting environment. Also with a dark ceiling and light walls create the opposite effect to the one previously described, "lowering the ceiling" and that may not seem too high, and which, in turn, a stay may seem wider, which is usually used in narrow corridors.

Painting the ceiling color 2

Painting the ceiling color 3

In the case of using the same tone for walls and ceilings can be done as in the last picture on this post, where the union between the two surfaces United in a "whole" by color is lost. Or instead use moldings that delimit walls and sky, which in addition to being a very nice decorative touch, highlights the architecture of the place.

Painting the ceiling color 4

Hardly it is necessary to talk about colors. Often treated in PintoMiCasa, warm colors create a welcoming and active atmosphere, cold colors give freshness and tranquility. The ceiling is just to give that touch of warmth or freshness, especially with cool colors as the light blue or blue in hot climates.

Painting the ceiling color 5


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