Thursday, 4 August 2016

From What Color Paint To Make My House Look Stylish?

More or less with these words many are made this same question, what is commonly added to "give it a modern twist". But it is not possible that only with the colour of the walls an atmosphere or a House looks elegant, but should take into account all the decoration color set, and also his style.

Let's start with the first thing that is seen, the color
Speaking of "color set" we need to know that these must be coordinated. Neutral colors are usually those who combined almost with all, which must always be present in the elegantly decorated letter.

From What Color Paint To Make My House Look Stylish 1

If we are decorating with two colors, you will always have one key and another subordinate, in this case is better that what is found in greater quantity is a neutral hue. Neutral shades are white, can include natural tones and especially the greys, which I think they are sober and elegant shades par excellence. But it is not a rule, the contrasts create special spaces.

We continue by furniture
Simple, straight lines or rounded... but simple, these are the characteristics of modern and stylish furniture. Avoid the use of too elaborate moldings. The material of the furniture is also something to consider, you can use wood, avoiding those with too marked grain, which give a more rustic. Lacquered furniture is an excellent choice, also the combination of glass and steel.
From What Color Paint To Make My House Look Stylish 2

We must use only the necessary furniture, which can be functional and decorative at the same time. Maintain order on them is a detail that keeps constant elegance.

In upholstery we descartaremos prints and use smooth cloth preferably. Here is where you can play with the textures, Glitters & shapes but always maintaining uniformity in the colors.

Long curtains can dress the windows forming much of the visible surface of a wall. The blinds are another alternative simple and lightweight dress openings.

Lighting and accessories
Well-lit environments are always more pleasing visually. Lamps should be carefully chosen, using only as necessary. Although they are of different design and size, the material must be the same, achieving uniformity in these objects that also have a decorative role.
From What Color Paint To Make My House Look Stylish 3

With respect to allowances, better one or two well chosen and willing than a grocery with different styles and colors. You can use objects large such as a vase or pileup, a sculpture, or perhaps a series of small objects equal willing one row on a shelf, table or other piece of furniture.


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