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How to Paint Wood Ceilings

All as explained here also can be applied to beams columns Gates such as furniture and other wooden objects that are part of the structure of a House and are not so much care, openings

How to Paint Wood Ceilings

If the roof of wood is not exposed to weather the successive coats of paint will not be necessary. Instead abroad, where the wood is abused by the Sun and rain, a hand each year will help keep the wood in good condition.

New ceilings

Do not stop in detail because it will not be necessary. Moreover these areas are not very sensitive so you will not require a thorough preparation as it is the case of a piece of furniture. Surely it's large areas and the details will take your work.

Remove dust with a brush. The hands needed to give you a perfect shine may be 3 or 4. But if you've chosen a varnish of Matt or satin with 2 or 3 hands will suffice.

The first "light" hand, i.e. diluted in 20% of turpentine approximately so that the varnish to penetrate wood for better grip and protection. Subsequent hands will be less light (from 5 to 10% of diluent). Remember to comb the varnish as described in the use of the brush.

How to Paint Wood Ceilings 1
You also have to keep in mind that the wood of which the roof is built influences absorption of the material. While more harder and less porous wood, will become less material that you eat, and the amount of hands you have to apply it, and vice versa.

So the brush not drip painting follow these instructions:

1. Load the brush in the can or bottle of varnish.
2. Shake it a couple of times in the inner part of this.
3. It is applied on the wood.
4. It reviewed the brush, both sides, on the edge of the jar or pot to remove excess material.
5. Repeat the process.

Acquiring practice in this short sequence of steps I assure you that you won't have problems, to achieve sufficient skill and do it automatically.

If you wish you can dye the varnish to give another tone to the wood's natural color.

Ceilings with old hands
Indoors only cleans, removes traces of fats with a damp cloth in turpentine, and apply a coat of varnish to make them to revive.

But if we are talking about outdoor treatment will be different. In the event that the wood is healthy as inside sanded, clean and apply one or two hands as you deem it necessary. If the wood is in bad conditions you will be obliged to remove the paint with sandpaper or a chemical stripper or paint remover.


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