Monday, 15 August 2016

The Colors for The Nursery

In the decoration of the nursery lot may have into account details and furniture to add, but as long takes it the decision of ringtones which we will include in the walls, fabrics and decor.

The colors for the nursery 1

The colors are more than important
In children they are very influential in moods and attitudes, even in their own development. This becomes essential to know their influence. Only resulting not important that your room looks pretty, but also stimulate their wit, play and study on some occasions.

The colors for the nursery 2

To the extent possible avoid use a monochromatic scheme, a single color, they can bet on the use of more colors, since they stimulate their creative growth and activity. This we will use intense colors on the walls, that we can leave for accessories and toys. A combination of two or three colors cakes can become very attractive.

The colors for the nursery 3

The variety of shades and combinations to be included can be very extensive, making it more simple to describe colors which is not recommended. For example: greys are decaying the vitality and purity of the environment, although certain tones can be well combined with soft colors. It is ruled out the black or Brown, who turned off the atmosphere and depress it. The yellow and the Red creates something of excitement and nervousness, so if you want to include it should do so in small proportions.

In the same way as in rooms for babies, can be a subject to be included in the variety of Add-ons scattered around the room. Cars, spaceships, or sports for the boys, fairies, princesses or tender animals for the girls. Always taking into account the passage of time, so it must be geared to their age and some years more.


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