Friday, 12 August 2016

Color Planner Simulation Program

It is necessary to take many aspects into account for the choice of the colour of the walls, as the style, the proportions of the room, furniture, etc.. But when we already have an idea of where we want, and have that color in mind, or perhaps on the contrary, do not have neither the most pale idea of which color to choose, this program can give us a little help.

Color Planner is a perfect computer application to observe different combinations of colors and interior decoration of facades and exterior. The software is free to use.

Color Planner simulation program 1

With a few clicks you can go virtually painted a bedroom, a kitchen, and any space of the home, since it brings images to modify and hundreds of colors to choose.

We can also include your own digitized photographs to see how the selected colors, would be her only that a license must be purchased to accomplish this task. Color Planner is in several languages which include the Spanish, and is available for download from

Color Planner simulation program 2

Color Planner simulation program 3


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