Sunday, 7 August 2016

Feng Shui Element Water

In this position of the Bagua you can find blue, black and dark tones, so paint and decorate environments.
Feng Shui Element Water 1
Stimuli and sensations

Blue reassures people. It is a sedative which leads to introspection and passivity.
It inhibits appetite for what is indicated for people with obesity problems.
It is a cold color which gives that same feeling, so it should be used in warm climates with abundant natural lighting.

Black color creates an atmosphere of sensuality, depth and responsiveness. It creates a quiet and romantic environment.
Feng Shui Element Water 2
Places recommended

Bedroom with natural light, promotes relaxation. Never in dining rooms or kitchens except in where inhabited by people with problems of obesity or that make diet. Nor is suitable for places where live children, want to stimulate the game or the relationships between people. The not-so-deep blue is suitable for study stays because it stimulates concentration.

Some people contradict each other with respect to the provisions of the colors, some claim that we can combine black with red, his opposite in bagua, to maintain a balance, others will say that the Red objects can attract to the cha, the negative energy. The truth is that it is a good combination.
Feng Shui Element Water 3
Blue interiors we can also include plants, these are associated with the water directly according to the bagua, but avoiding the spiky leaves, or anything with these characteristics.


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