Thursday, 11 August 2016

Shabby Chic Decoration Colors, Furniture, Accessories

The style created by the Designer Rachel Ashwell is one of the most beautiful and used in environments where one tries to give a decorative touch home and a cozy space with an air of romanticism.

Shabby Chic decoration colors, furniture, accessories 1

Colors used
The predominant color in Shabby Chic is white, which can be found on walls, textiles, furniture and accessories in large proportions. It is okay to decorate a whole environment, although usually locate details in other colors like pink, green or blue.

Walls can be also painted colour cakes, leaving shades more close to the target and the same for textiles and furniture. In Add-ins are widely used warm colours, creating an atmosphere more romantic and feminine.

Shabby Chic decoration colors, furniture, accessories 2

Textiles &amp fashion accessories
The fabrics are very similar to a romantic style, flown, ruchados, stamped on flowers, bulky pads and more than one type of fabric curtains.

Supplements are which could give the note of color. Being able to add candles, crystal chandeliers, lamps with fabric, flowers, mirrors with elaborate frames, canopies in beds, antiques and more.

Shabby Chic decoration colors, furniture, accessories 3

And the furniture?
The furniture should also imitate the years, being on occasions especially made for this style, with old furniture or romantic details. The effects of aging in wood and paint are simulated with a technique like crazing, patina or just a worn at edges.


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