Friday, 5 August 2016

Stencil, Ideal to Give Life to Old Furniture

The painting is the best way to renovate old furniture. We are not talking about furniture style or antique furniture that need to be restored to its original state, but the application of different colors, textures and designs to give a new air and adapt it to the new decor of any room in the House.

Stencil, Ideal to Give Life to Old Furniture 1

The technical of the stencil or stencil that had seen previously, is ideal for such objective, giving you new colors and drawings to the surface of the furniture, so believes harmony and is complements with the environment.

The painting in the background
As a first step you should paint the furniture of a uniform color with synthetic enamel or enamel water. It is advisable that if previous paint is oil, varnish or synthetic enamel, applied new material must be of the same characteristics.

Stencil, Ideal to Give Life to Old Furniture 2

In case of Virgin wood furniture or if they have completely removed layers of earlier paintings you can, without any problem, use a glaze to the water which has no strong smells, in addition to its fast drying.

The reasons for the templates
The reasons for drawings that subsequently apply may be different, only just find the indicated template, or make it at home, and begin to apply it with a sponge, brush or spray paint. Of more Needless to say that the painting is the same as the previous hand.

Stencil, Ideal to Give Life to Old Furniture 3

The results can be surprising. Bright colours are the most used in children's furniture, as a base or as the color of the drawing. Combined with neutral tones and white are accomplished very funny result.

There are different alternatives, applying a design with a distribution determined on the top or front surface of the chest of drawers, table or treated anything. Or also randomly as in the first picture. Not is much by say, only enough imagination and hands to the work...


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