Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Blue Color on Interior and Exterior Walls

Blue is a cold color, so it generates freshness and larger rooms. Decorate with blue tones must always be used combined with other colors, especially white.

Blue color on interior and exterior walls 1

On the other hand, and as all colors, blue generates feelings in the environment where it is used. Painted the walls in these tones, creates a calm space that encourages concentration and encourages tranquility.

We find different shades with popular names according to the brightness or contrast of this color, blue France, navy blue, cobalt, or marino are some of them.
Blue color on interior and exterior walls 2

Outside the recommended blue tones are the most agrisadas, greenish or soft. Otherwise may be unbalanced with the environment, in the same way that the indoor white is the best color to combine them, also grey, beige and soft yellow.
Blue color on interior and exterior walls 3

Blue blends perfectly with the white, also beige, grey, wood, and even with shades of green and violet tones. I recommend you to choose shades that are adapted to the amount of light the room, dimensions, and of course, your taste.


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