Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Red and White Kitchen

Whether in kitchens with retro, classic or avant-garde, white and red colors are a very appropriate choice for those who like environments in vibrant shades and contrasts. Here are some examples of how to use the colors.

Red and white kitchen 1

In this first example "retro" or "vintage", the white invades almost in its entirety to the environment, both in heaven walls and even furniture, and looks combined with red in the classic chess floor. This is compounded by the refrigerator, utensils and decorative accessories. Grey and black expanded color palette.

Red and white kitchen 2

On the contrary, with a style of fine finishing, the use of glass lacquered, ceramic or porcelain and steel furniture, the place can change enough. This time opting for red walls and cabinets in white.

Red and white kitchen 3

The use of furniture in vibrant hue is the third possibility, leaving the purity of white for the rest of the environment. Black, grey and other neutral or natural shades can be their companions. Sometimes the Green (as complementary to red color) in small details.

Without much to add to what the images say, is very good combination, using the red with moderation. Using with any shade of the same, but only one in a same room.


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