Sunday, 14 August 2016

Red Sofa, Would Color the Walls?

Red like many, and at some point they decided to buy some armchair, sofa, room or complete set of this color. No doubt the Red sofa has manages to stand out from the envelope way in decoration and has its presence and history. You can see beautiful itself... but only with the colors match it? To give answers to many that they arrived (and will arrive) to Mi Casa Pinto with the same question, I give them some ideas.

Mainly red is an ideal color to match shades neutral or natural, gray, white, sand, cream or beige are colors that feel you perfect. We highlight the Chair, but we do have the very oppressive atmosphere of colors. Just the latter, sand beige and creams make combinations combinations more common and classic d├ęcor.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 1

Brown tones, coffee, black and medium to dark gray make a very elegant atmosphere, especially with not-too-intense red.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 2

Pure white or white ash, Pearl or broken are tones that stands out specially the color of the Chair, keeping a balance of warmth and freshness and extreme contrast. They make the room a site more bright.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 3

In a scheme of contrast you can choose a green. A green not so intense, smooth, dry, olive or olive made the environment very pleasant and homey climate. The inclusion of a neutral hue balances the whole.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 4

Colors analogues as orange or yellow create a climate too warm and alive, may add you white, grey, dark woods and black decorative accessories.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 5

There is even the possibility of using a red on the same wall, in this way it blends with it, managing to focus attention on the entire wall, or corner.

Red sofa, would color the walls? 6

When you have a piece of furniture of this color and due to its size, usually the decoration of the environment must be based on the same, so are usually placed accessories, cushions, lamps, or any picture to some extent is red.


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