Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Feng Shui Wood Element

This element we are going to divide it in two: the large and small wood, both with specific colors which have sis particular stimuli.

Great wood: colors Blue and green
Feng Shui wood element 1

Stimuli and sensations

The green color is a sedative, although it lacks all the features of the blue that's reassuring to people, also leads to introspection and passivity. Both are colors cold by what is must have in has the room where will be applied, in climates warm and with abundant lighting natural.

Feng Shui wood element 2

aces recommended

Whenever there is a daylighting can locate it in bedrooms and living rooms or lounges. The pastel shades are a marked finesse and softness.

Some people tend to say that it is a good color for the kitchen, meals prepared there know better.

Small wood: colors Blue, violet, purple, Red

Feng Shui wood element 3

Stimuli and sensations
The blue we have already mentioned above. The Violet is the colour of temperance, lucidity and reflection. It also conveys a sense of depth and experience. It is mystical, melancholy and arguably representing the introversion. The purple represents royalty, authority and dignity.

Feng Shui wood element 4

Recommended places
The purple in rooms of young people. Violet is within the cold tones, look for good natural lighting. It is not recommended for dining rooms and kitchens. It can be applied in colours of the decoration combining with light tones of the walls. The purple in places where we want to denote authority.


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