Tuesday, 20 September 2016

With Cork Furniture Decorating Ideas

Cork is a material used for many years, its properties and characteristics make it a very interesting product in a myriad of fields. Today is again booming with great ideas of decoration with Cork.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 1

Decoration with Cork has a neutral color, and important aesthetic advantages of natural appearance for those who want to create elegant spaces. On the other hand, these characteristics favour the choice of different decorative styles, from style rustic to luxury decoration field.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 2

Cork accessories can be adapted to any environment, and can even be used as excellent decorative accessories: lamps, frames, vases, bajo-platos, baskets .

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 3

We can place it in all rooms. For example, a cork-framed mirror is a great choice for dining hall, modern rooms, children's bedrooms and working areas or offices.

Decorate with Cork provide an atmosphere full of charm and warmth.

With Cork furniture decorating ideas 4


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