Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Colors and Ethnic Decoration

Ethnic décor has influences from many cultures in the world, and refers to the native of these places. Why include objects and decorations that remind the ancestors natives of Africa, South America or India, reflected in the decoration that you want to transmit. In this case a climate of commemoration of other ancient cultures, unique and exotic, and pagan customs, with rustic and devoid of all art nouveau touches.

Colors and ethnic decoration 1

With all of this is accomplished this style, also adding our personal tastes, generating stays more or less charged with colours and furnishing accessories, but making sure that you are not too shocking or oppressive.

Colors for walls and decorated
Absolute diversity of tones are that can be applied in an ethnic decoration, both on the walls and in the decorative accessories, floors, fabrics and furniture, but it is worth highlighting some of the most used.

The colors of the walls chosen usually are earthy colors, i.e. all Browns and terracottas, also red, oranges, leaving other tones for details. The color of the wood, especially in shades of natural, dark and clear, contrasting with the colors of the fabrics and walls.

Colors and ethnic decoration 2

Ethnic decorative accessories
Fabrics for upholstery, tablecloths, and even carpets should be indicative of the style, emphasizing native tissue or animal skins. Clearly say that these skins are available manufactured imitating animals like zebras, Leopard or hairs long carpet and padded.

The inclusion of natural fibres, cane and wicker further enhance the natural and artisanal touches in decoration. You can find furniture and baskets of all kinds made with these materials. Similar is the mat used in diversity of artifacts and pendants.

In Add-ins should elaborate crafts, which include pottery, indigenous musical instruments, bone artifacts or masks hanging on the walls.


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