Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Colors and Avant-Garde Decoration

The forefront makes reference to the latest, the tip, perfectly complemented with technology, urban life, and the latest trends. Breaking with the classic, the decent and pompous art of the bourgeoisie.

Colors and avant-garde decoration 1

Colors for walls
Neutral tones should generally be combined with striking decorative accessories that give the note of color. The colors are white, Brown and grey contrasting with intense color or a complementary schema objects. Although you can also include shades of dark blue, grey storm e even black, but only on a wall or in large parts.

Colors and avant-garde decoration 2

The colors and furniture material
The favorite materials are synthetic textile tubes of steel, aluminum, PVC artifacts, plain or patterned geometric or abstract. The metal should occupy a special place in any room. The furniture of light colors work very well with the rest of the decor, wood fibers in colors or clear came, lead, white, raw, black, beige, blue, green.

Colors and avant-garde decoration 3

Other tips
The interiors should be little reloaded but looking for a visual, with variety of asymmetrical touches contrast. You can include sheets of Cubist paintings, lighting with artifacts novel or embedded in walls and ceiling, abundant natural lighting, artifacts and modern appliances and straight lines. All oriented to the current, always at the forefront.


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