Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Combine the Colors of The Walls With Soil

The soil is a fundamental part of the House and of each one of the rooms, conditioning the environment and combinations of colors we can use over the years.
Think of the colors with advance

Difficulty representing change soil compared with the colors of the walls, the choice of neutral and natural shades facilitates constant walls paintings change according to the colors we choose each year or when you want to modify them.

Combine the colors of the walls with soil 1

Dark shades create an elegant serene environment, reduce the proportions of the rooms and generate contrasts with the walls, furniture and accessories, highlighting their colors.

Combine the Colors of The Walls With Soil 2
 A soil clearly has, obviously, opposite effects: wide environment and supports greater game of contrasts in paintings, furniture and accessories.
And if you already have a color?

It seeks to create balance between the floors, walls and fabrics, which are the largest Interior visible surfaces. A pattern on cloth or paper painted with drawings if the soil also has a design is not recommended. It should be chosen in this case walls or smooth fabrics. Even if the floor is smooth and uniform provides the possibility to apply creative combinations and opt for prints.

When the floor is ceramic or tile color clear, colors might go in the same clear tones of the same. Something that never fails to choose the colors of the walls, is to look in forms and veins of the tiled drawing an accurate colour, to our liking, especially clear if we wish to light up the room, or dark if we don't want so much clarity and want to give a touch more serious and friendly.

Carpets and rugs are an excellent way to provide on the ground of colour, combining with the rest of the decor, especially with the walls and fabrics. It is also a good alternative to change the color usually them be without too much difficulty.
Combine the Colors of The Walls With Soil 3

We should obviously not forget the color of the furniture, and if these are wood, metal, they are they who in the end will dress the House, along with curtains and other fabrics.


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