Saturday, 6 August 2016

Feng Shui Fire Element

In environments that are in this position you can use colors red and orange, vivid hues which radiate energy and vitality.
Feng Shui Fire Element 1

Stimuli and sensations
Red increases the blood pressure and stimulates the appetite.
It is a good help for depressed people.
It is unfavorable for the concentration, therefore it should not apply in work places or study.
We must also avoid it in places of great influx of people such as populous areas and to the public, incites violence and nerves of the people.

Feng Shui Fire Element 2

Recommended places
Pure red can be used in small objects of decoration as nightstands cushions, decorative flowers or paint a red wall.
It must be used sparingly on large surfaces, can load the environment too and be too shocking.
Good use would be in a living room, but not for bedrooms because it does not favor reconciliation of sleep, though in rooms of depressed people may be beneficial.
Feng Shui Fire Element 3


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