Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Decorate With Two Colors

The use of two colors in an environment can be much simplify things at the time of the decoration, since all we have to add will be based on these selected colours.

How to decorate with two colors 1

The contrast of colors
Through the colors we can create environments of different characteristics. If the tones generated a sharp contrast can be achieved a space modern or active, and if any of these tones is a warm colour environment will become more youth. On the other hand, if the shades there a contrast too pointed space will be more classical or romantic, more delicate and relaxing.

Next to a neutral color
Usually when using just two colors, at least one of them in a neutral hue by all characteristics generated over intense colors, as we have seen in neutral colors and combinations.

How to decorate with two colors 2

And one of the favorite colors to emphasize other color is white. Through the same combinations very active and bright, with more or less contrast, are created depending on your companion. Some examples of this are the white and Green Apple, white and blue, white and red.

How to decorate with two colors 3

How to decorate
In the image above we see the decoration of bathroom in green and white. They have been chosen both colors for walls, but quietly it can be only one. In this case furniture, fabrics and bathroom in white set. Add-ins are in contrast to the environment where they are.


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