Saturday, 30 July 2016

Paper Tape or Tape Bodywork

Also called "Painter's tape", Carpenter belt,""Masking tape","Masking tape"or"Tape bodywork", is a multipurpose item essential while you paint your House.

Paper Tape or Tape Bodywork.jpg
Caring for stain

Used to cover areas that we don't want stains with paint, or to hold paper or plastics that will serve to cover furniture when it comes to painting. It is important to be very careful with spotting.
How to place it, when to remove it?

The surface where it will be attached must be free of dust and grease, otherwise not be set. Not must keep attached a tape for a long time because it will be very difficult to remove, having to help us with solvents and spatulas to make it. The maximum period is 2 or 3 days.
Keeping clean Interior

If you sand too, possibly using electric Sanders surely dust you end up messing those places that even are clogged or closed. If you don't want that they fill with dust, dressers, closets or cabinets with doors (including other rooms) can place on all doors and drawers a paper tape covering the slot or light between frame and door.
Useful for cuts of painting

Using paper tape to make cotes of different colors of paint, try to press strongly beating properly the side painting the tape. Otherwise the material can seep below and the line between colors will not be perfect.


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