Saturday, 30 July 2016

Synthetic Wood Fund

The wood is a very special material, and to prolong its life useful and good state must be protected from the agents that impair it. One is a painting where stands your colors and streaks. And another is the lacquered or painted where color is changed completely, is precisely in this process where the use of synthetic Fund becomes essential.

The Fund is used for what?

Synthetic Woods Fund is a kind of synthetic enamel matte, though it is more than that. Used before applying the enamel on wood: on the one hand seals so that the subsequent coats of paint are not absorbed by the surface to paint, and on the othergives a white background to darken the original colour of the wood and enliven thecolor of the paint that will be subsequently applied.

Synthetic wood Fund.jpg

Acrylic enamels to water

A hand in the background is not required if enamel that will be used for the finish is a water enamel. It is enough and a good role without prior priming hands.


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